Cervical Cancer

24 Feb

A wonderful blog post by a woman who had cervical cancer and was treated by Planned Parenthood.


What You Can Do

24 Feb

1. Donate to Planned Parenthood.

2. Sign this letter.

3. Email your senator.

4. Stand with Planned Parenthood on Facebook.

5. Sign the Moveon.org petition.

6. Educate yourself by reading this blog.

7. Join our Facebook event.

7. Come to the Walk For Choice on Saturday in Santa Cruz!

8. If you aren’t in Santa Cruz, organize a carpool, or find a walk near you!

the Debate on Choice in Two Photos

24 Feb

Representative Jackie Speier

24 Feb

Links to Educate Yourself

24 Feb

Check out how Arizona is trying to restrict abortion access.

Read this awesome Op-Ed by Gail Collins of the New York Times called the “Siege of Planned Parenthood.”

See how Feminists For Choice is standing with Planned Parenthood.

Walk Representative Jackie Speier’s wonderful speech on why funding to Planned Parenthood should not be cut. In it, she reveals that she had an abortion once, a very brave move on her part.

24 Feb

The attack on women’s reproductive rights has nothing to do with abortion and everything to do with putting women “back in their place.” We will not go back to the alley. Use your VOICE, stand up for CHOICE.


24 Feb

Hi all! Welcome to the site for the Santa Cruz chapter of the Walk For Choice! We will be posting information here on what’s going on in the news right now around women’s health, as well as news about the nationwide Walk this Saturday. Take a look!